I’m one of those “little” people. You know the type: The people you don’t look at while you’re mumbling into your blue tooth in the line at the store. The people who clean the bathrooms where you work. The person wearing plastic gloves and making your sandwhich.

I’m one of those “little” people who might come into your home and dusts and vacuums and clean your toilet.  I’m one of the people who wears a tee shirt with a logo on it. I’m one of those folks who sits behind the teller window at a bank and watches you roll your eyes when it takes more than 2 seconds to fix an error you made while doing your “online” banking.

I’m one of those “little” people who makes your life liveable, yet you treat me like I am “less” or “lower” than you.

This is my place to mouth off about how fricking stupid and insensitive you and the whole system that spawned you are…how utterly obnoxious and disrespectful you are when I am doing something that serves you, makes your life easier or worse simply allows you to live.

And I hope some of us “little” people read and contribute to this blog. We are the backbone of society and it’s time to let you know that we know it.


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