Back Rent is Due so STFU

August 8, 2010

Enough already with the moaning and crying about allowing the Bush Administration tax cuts to the “wealthy” to expire.

Just shut the fuck up.

First off, it’s not like asking the tax rate be raised to anything more than it was in the Clinton Administration. It’s what? Something like restoring 4% to the tax rate? You knew it was coming. They put an EXPIRATION date on the law, remember? That means it was always meant to be temporary. Are you so stupid, so out of touch, so arrogant that you thought it was gonna be forever?

Puleeze…for people making over 250K per year, frankly tough shit, suck it up. You got 10K in breaks for, like, 10 years…nice. I could’ve lived on what you got in a tax break.

I was watching that asshole Congressman John Boehner (R-OH) jammering away on Meet the Press the other day about how those making over 250K were the so-called “job creators”…and going back to a regular tax rate for them would keep them from creating jobs.

Who the fuck is he kidding? 

Since these “job creators” got their tax cuts, the USA has lost more jobs, closed down plants and sent more work overseas. Oh! Maybe that’s it! They’ve created jobs…just not here. China’s doing just fine making our washer dryers, sneakers, light bulbs and just about every fucking thing in the American household. They’ve outsourced even the shitty call center jobs we had here. Puleeeze.

So just shut the fuck up.

You had it good for all these years NOT creating jobs here, NOT building or updating plants here, NOT looking out for anyone but your sorry ass selves. And you scream the loudest about “loving America.” Of course you do, you’ve been getting a big break on the rent!

We may have been stupid to have believed you might keep your end of the bargain and “create jobs.” 

But you know what? We’re not crazy enough to believe your bullshit anymore. Time to pay up for the lies. “The job creators?” Wrong. “Liars” is more like it. Time to pay up the back rent you owe.

…and shut the fuck up!


Welcome to Reality

August 20, 2009

I’m so over it. So many folks sitting in ivory towers “empathizing” with me…telling me they “feel my pain”…that’s such a load of garbage.

This blog is about what it’s really like “down” here…in the trenches, trying to scrape by with just enough money to maybe, just maybe pay the rent AND the electric bill.

All you clowns who think you are “in touch”…wake up. You aren’t. You haven’t got a clue.

The High Horse Gazette is for you. You snarky folks, who have what you think are decent paying jobs, who can buy trendy and current krap, nevermind just trying to keep the lights and heat on…and yet you still mouth off about how folks are “hurting.” 

This blog will clue you in.