Here’s a little straight talk for you, President Obama.


Make it real clear. Insist on a public option for healthcare.

Tell Congress and the American people that you won’t sign any bill that doesn’t include a public option.

How does it get paid for? It’s real freakin’ simple: We who want a government option will BUY into a public option. We’ll pay premiums. We send our premium money to YOU and you put it into Medicare and send us a card so we can go to the doctor or dentist.

While everyone who wants to BUY insurance from other private companies can do so, let there be a government plan that we can BUY into and pay premiums for.

Oh boo hoo. These insurance companies are worried about unfair competition from someone who charges less? For God’s sake, what do you think the capitalist model is? By charging less, Walmart has put hundreds of small stores out of business and forced many more to lower prices. It’s the American way. Undercut, and if you don’t match it, go out of business! Believe me, just like all those store owners, the insurance industry workers will find other stuff to do.

So just tell them: “I won’t sign it, if there’s no public option.”

I need to hear that from you Mr. Obama. I need to hear it. That’s why I voted for you.

Period. Call it a day. That’s the way it is.